Texas Notary And Fingerprints

Fingerprinting Service in Texas

Texas Fingerprints & Notary is an efficient fingerprint service near you in Texas, offering both traditional ink and roll and modern digital fingerprinting services. Our certified professionals are poised with advanced technologies to render quick, hassle-free, and satisfactory fingerprint-capturing solutions for your legal and professional documentation.

#1 Fingerprinting Solution in The Woodlands, TX

Our comprehensive fingerprinting services in The Woodlands, TX, are designed to meet your unique documentation needs. With a commitment to accuracy and confidentiality, our certified professionals offer a seamless experience. We served clientele requiring fingerprints for various purposes, including licensing, background checks, employment, and personal requirements. Leveraging cutting-edge digitalized technology and industry expertise, we ensure precise results in live scan fingerprinting, ensuring you peace of mind and confidence in your identification process.

Our Fingerprint Capture Methods

Texas Fingerprints & Notary offers both ink-roll and digital fingerprinting methods for legal, professional, and personal documents. Learn about our cutting-edge methods of fingerprint capturing and processing in the following section.

Traditional Ink And Roll

The ink and roll method is a traditional way of collecting fingerprints for legal and professional documents. Despite the emergence of digital fingerprinting, the traditional ink and roll method is not yet obsolete. We are one of the most trusted ink and roll fingerprinting services in The Woodlands, TX.

Electronic Fingerprint Capture

Electronic or digital fingerprinting services are in high demand for legal documents, background verifications, and other purposes. Texas Fingerprints & Notary offers a hassle-free live scan fingerprinting service, ensuring your personal details are not compromised. Affordability and confidentiality are guaranteed.

We Serve All Types of Fingerprinting Requirements

Texas Fingerprints & Notary is a one-stop destination for all your fingerprinting requirements. Our service is suitable for organizations and individuals who want to create legal and professional documents. People also need fingerprinting services when they apply for visas, citizenship, etc. Companies want to conduct background verifications of their employees or customers can also rely on our professional and secured fingerprinting service in The Woodlands, TX. Have a quick glance at the documents that require our service.


Ink Fingerprinting is Available On These Forms:

  • FD-258 (FBI) Cards
  • FINRA Cards
  • NFA
  • SF-87
  • State Specific Cards
  • Any court related fingerprint forms
  • Any country specific fingerprint forms
Medical Licensing - Name Change - Firearm/NFA - Student - Background Check - Finra - SF-87 - Visa - ETC

FD-258 Card Service

We offer comprehensive ink fingerprinting services on FD-258 cards, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to print them directly from a live scan capture, ensuring convenience and accuracy. Additionally, for those preferring traditional methods, we also provide traditional ink fingerprinting services. Our expert technicians ensure precise results, meeting the requirements of various applications, from employment background checks to licensing and beyond.

What to Bring:
A valid photo identification is required to be fingerprinted. If you were given a fingerprint card, bring it with you. There are 2 cards included in the service fee.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Texas Fingerprints & Notary for fingerprinting service in The Woodlands, TX, for our commitment to maintaining confidentiality and providing a hassle-free experience to the clients.

A Licensed Service

Texas Fingerprints & Notary is a licensed fingerprinting service in Texas, offering ink and digital fingerprinting for legal documents.

Precision Assured

We deploy the most advanced technologies in fingerprint collection to help you avoid documentation rejection.

A Simple Procedure

Enjoy our fingerprinting service with zero hassles since we are poised with advanced technologies to bring the utmost convenience.

Affordable Service

Texas Fingerprints & Notary assures you an affordable fingerprinting service to manage and craft legal documents for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The fingerprints are integral parts of various legal documents such as business contracts, employment contracts, licenses, and more. Preparing such documents will be hassle-free with a professional fingerprinting collection and processing service. At Texas Fingerprint & Notary, we offer an effortless fingerprinting service that can be used for various documentation management procedures.
Yes, we offer a live scan fingerprinting service, which has been processed digitally. At the same time, we offer the traditional ink and roll fingerprinting service in The Woodlands, TX.
Different service providers charge different amounts for collecting and processing clients’ fingerprints. At Texas Fingerprint & Notary, we offer fingerprinting services at the most affordable cost. Both individuals and organizations will find an affordable service from us.
Both traditional ink and electronic fingerprint collection take only 10-15 minutes. We request you to schedule your visit to us at Woodlands, TX, in advance for a hassle-free and quick solution.
Yes. In Texas, it is mandatory to have your fingerprint on your driver’s license. Besides a driver’s license, you will find several other documents that require mandatory fingerprints in Texas. Contact us if you want to apply for such licenses since we record your fingerprint at the most affordable cost.